Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Twelfth Station ~ Jesus is Crucified

Side of Christ ~ Medieval Pieta ~ Cloisters, NY

THE DEEP WOUNDS of Jesus' hands, feet and side are called his stigmata. It was the soldier's lance that opened his side - the soldier wanting to be certain that Jesus was dead before allowing his body to be removed from the cross. 

But there is more. Through this pierced side, a doorway is opened, giving us new access to the heart of Jesus where all the people of the world can touch God's great tenderness. The doorway is opened to the banquet of forgiveness arranged for us by God, where we will sit and be pleasantly surprised to see with whom we are sharing the table. And in joy we will and drink to our heart's content at this forgiveness-feast. 

And still more. There is yet another hollowed-out or opened-up side - the stigmata of my own side - into which I gather people so they can touch God's passionate love, which loves us each specially and always.

Our Father Who Art in Heaven...
Hail Mary full of grace...
Glory be to the Father...


  1. Thank you for this. I am moved by the depth of this reflection.

  2. Tenderness reveals empathy and gentleness, which heal hearts and draw them to the source of tenderness which is God Himself. We need to allow God to love us, to be tender with us. In our wounded, hardened hearts, this becomes all the more difficult. Let us accept God's invitation to enter our hearts as Jesus allowed us entry into His. These Stations of the Cross have opened my eyes even more so to what Jesus has offered us in the granting of eternal salvation.