Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Third Station ~ Jesus Falls the First Time

From the Vietnam War: the fleeing of napalm bombing

IN PICTURES DEPICTING the repeated falls of Jesus we see him surrounded by bullying soldiers who do their job in the service of the Roman Imperial Army. They spit at Jesus, hit him, stick out their tongues and scold him violently along the way. 

Carol Penner has written a Prayer Against Violence for the Mennonites, who are a non-violent Peace Church. I can pray this prayer, asking for the conversion of our violent world and for my own conversion to the things of God's peace.

Perfect love casts out fear and so today we pray for your spirit of Love on our world.

Cast out the strapping of bombs to bodies.
Cast out the explosion of bombs in crowded places.
Cast out the tricking of children to carry bombs.
Cast out the desperation that leads people to terrorist acts.
Cast out the making of walls that divide and imprison us.
Cast out the firing of missiles and the bulldozing of homes.
Cast out the prejudice against people of a certain race or culture.
Cast out the political structures that perpetuate violence.
Cast out the hatred that produces fear.
Send down the courage to reach out in peace.
Send down the resolution to not return evil for evil.
Send down the creativity to find peaceful political solutions.
Send down the wisdom that politicians and diplomats need.
Send down the commitment to work together to end terrorism.
Send down the power of nonviolence to create change.
Send down the comfort and justice that victims need.
Send down the love that will end our fear.

We ask these things in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.


  1. Yesterday, men were whipped in a courtroom in Nigeria for engaging in homosexual acts which is illegal in that country. I ask that we all pray for these men and all people who are persecuted for being deemed less than human. Members of different communities of people around the globe. We should seek kindness for all as Jesus did to everyone he encountered. Pray that He will continue to work in and through ourselves to show love and acceptance to all members of the human race.

  2. Remember when Jesus sat with the Samaritan woman at the well and made her a missionary and when he cured the Samaritan leper. I don't think we really have the spiritual awareness or insight as a Church to know and appreciate how profoundly wonderful those encounters were - Jesus revealing the love of God to the very margins where the despised are to be found. Ancient Jews thought of Samaritans not only as heretics but as "blots" on the world.