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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Intercessions ~ Third Sunday in Lent

There is great tension in the world these days./ We ask for the blessings of sensible dialogue/ and the non-violent resolution of conflicts in Syria,/ Ukraine and Venezuela./ We pray to the Lord.

We are moving through Lent quickly./ We do not have forever./ Bless us with gifts of insight and the will to grow in Christ's joy and compassion./ We pray to the Lord.

Observing the little signs of the Spring's thawing,/ we pray for the thawing of resentments,/ negative stereotyping,/ obstruction and old hatreds./ We pray to the Lord.

As Jesus speaks with the Samaritan woman at the well/ we ask to catch the missionary spirit he entrusts to her./ That we would never hide Christ/ but make him known in joy./ We pray to the Lord.

The marginalized woman in this Sunday's Gospel/ goes to the well at the hour when no one will be there./ We pray for those who are marginalized throughout the world:/ persons of color,/ ethnicity,/ sexual orientation,/ marital status,/ caste,/ poverty./ We pray to the Lord.

This past week the Church celebrated the Feast of Saint Joseph/ guardian and protector of the Virgin Mary and the Infant Christ./ We pray for families all around the world in their great variety,/ asking for their health,/ stability,/ well-being and safety./ We pray to the Lord.

We pray for all who ask for the healing of memories,/ relationships,/ body or spirit./ We continue our prayer for those lost in the Malaysian Flight 370/ and those who are searchers and who wait for news of loved ones./ We pray to the Lord.

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  1. These are marvelous! I had never thought about the hour of the day at which the Samaritan woman was at the well and the significance of that. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. Even when we have heard the Gospel readings many times it is nice to find that there is a deeper meaning waiting to be discovered.