Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Station Ten ~ Jesus is Stripped of His Clothes

WHY DOES JESUS have his clothing taken away? There is a simple historical answer: the Roman soldiers wanted to shame him, exposing him fully to the belittling judgments of gawkers. But there is more. Maybe Jesus is disrobed at Calvary because in the Resurrection he will be robed in glory, robed in light.

There are signs of this in the lives of the saints. Peter Claver was a 16th century Spanish Jesuit priest who cared for the slaves shipped from Africa and brought to the New World through the port of Cartagena, Columbia. 

Peter would wait for the ships to arrive, filled with the most diseased and broken human cargo. Invading the hulls, he brought practical comfort and companionship to the hundreds of thousands who had been stolen away from their homes; now sick, disoriented, terrified, filthy, abused, degraded. 

It is said that his blood, pus and urine soaked priest's cloak smelled of flowers! A bit of Resurrection! Something of Christ's risen presence breaking through into our dirty world of dissolution and sin.

Our Father Who Art in Heaven...
Hail Mary full of grace...
Glory be to the Father...


  1. I sometimes wonder if I had lived during the time of Jesus, would I have been a believer, or would I have simply been one of the ones to judge and condemn Him, and jeer at Him on the way to Calvary? I would like to hope that I would have seen the glory of the Resurrection, but I don't think I would have had the courage o believe. Just as most of us would run from the diseased that Peter Claver attended to . It takes great moral character and faith to do these things.

  2. It does take moral courage and faith. I would hope for the same. That I am a priest is by no means a guarantee. Jesus isn't disappointed in our wondering. When a mother teaches the baby to walk the baby takes a first step and the mother is delighted. But then she moves back a bit and encourages the baby to take another step. The baby falls on its bottom and the mother stands the baby up and beckons another and then another step. Always encouraging. Take heart ~ Jesus is so pleased for our efforts and desires and every little action we can muster in a very difficult world. God be with you!