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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Fourteenth Station ~ Jesus is Buried in the Tomb

THE BODY OF JESUS is put away in a borrowed tomb. Father Gregory Petrov was a Russian Orthodox priest who died in a Siberian prison camp in 1940.  He composed a great prayer there called, The Akathist of Thanksgiving. The sung prayer is a great celebration of God's glory found in even the smallest things and the ordinary events of daily life. 

The song-prayer is most appreciated when we understand and hold the memory that it was written by a man from whom all promise of life, beauty, happiness and goodness was seemingly denied.

I was born on earth as a feeble and helpless child, but your angel spreading his shiny wings, has sheltered my cradle. From that moment your love shines in all my ways and miraculously guides me into the light of eternity. For that my soul praises you and hails you with all who know you.

Glory to you, who has called me into life.
Glory to you, who are revealing to us the beauty of the universe.
Glory to you, who are opening to us heaven and earth as an
     eternal   book of wisdom.
Glory to your eternity in this passing world.
Glory to you, for your covert and overt mercies.
Glory to you, for every sigh of my suffering heart.
Glory to you, for every step of my life, every moment of joy.
Glory to you, O God through all the ages.

Our Father Who Art in Heaven...
Hail Mary full of grace...
Glory be to the Father...

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  1. I remember the Akathists as they brought such a deep immersion in prayer. Thank you for the memories and your teaching us this beautiful way to pray.