Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The First Station ~ Jesus is Condemned to Death

REMEMBER THE CROWDS SO DENSE that the paralyzed man had to be lowered down through the roof to meet Jesus? (Mark 2:1-12) Remember the bleeding woman so pressed by the crowd that her best hope was only to touch Jesus' clothing?  (Mark 5:21-34) 

Now the crowds have all gone away and Jesus is left, hands tied and standing in a dark shadow. Can I feel the loneliness of Jesus in this scene? God knows my own tremendous loneliness and fear of being forgotten, marginalized, ignored. The danger is, that in so fearing loneliness, I compromise myself, making dreadful choices by which I lose my dignity, the grace of my soul, my balance, perhaps an important relationship. Rather, here I am invited to find my way to Jesus who knows so well the human pain of loneliness.

Oh Jesus, thank you for sharing with us the deep pain of human loneliness. Now I hold this scene in my heart, standing so close to you while Pilate gives his lecture. And may I comfort you?


Our Father Who Art in Heaven...
Hail Mary full of grace...
Glory be to the Father...


  1. Brilliant. I will be with you every step of the way throughout Lent.

    1. I love the sense of community engendered here.

  2. I look at this picture and see Jesus standing in the dark shadows. The Son of God being condemned by humanity. It does bring out the feeling of despair in all of us. That Jesus endured the pain of human suffering is beyond my comprehension. The greatest loved bestowed upon us.

    1. God with us, in the shadows of life on this planet. That's an important thought. And important to observe too in the painting that it is a morning light that is breaking into Pilate's room. Maybe a hint of Easter morning

  3. A teenage girl said today that she wanted to be the brightest star in the night sky, a light for those who only live in darkness. The words of a young girl who has a history that would make you weep. Yes she sees beyond the shadows of her life.

  4. My, Jesus, I love you, with every breath, moment, thought, action...
    Thank You for wearing Your blood-stained purple majestic robe.
    Thank You for the light that comes from You that dispels my darkness and connects me to every human being on this planet.
    My Jesus, I love you!

  5. The clarity to step away and review and pray with devotions that I have not visited in a long time. It took a while to enter, "and may I comfort You?" God is the only good.